Concours International des Rosés du Monde® organised in Cannes by EURL Œnologues de France - 21-23, rue de Croulebarbe - 75013 Paris (France).


The Mondial du Rosé® competition is organised by the EURL Œnologues de France (a limited company under sole ownership), 21-23, rue de Croulebarbe - 75013 PARIS (France). It is open to rosé wines with or without geographical indication from all viticultural countries and regions. It intends to emphasize the maturation capacity and intrinsic qualities of the wines and to distinguish those attaining a very high quality level close to the optimum tasting expression of their appellation or origin.the Mondial du Rosé® is organised according to the rules set hereafter.


From all producing countries, only following are able to enter the competition:

  • winegrowers,
  • winegrowing c o operatives,
  • unions of winegrowing cooperatives,
  • groups of producers,
  • wine merchant maturers,
  • wine merchant producers.


Terms of admission to the Mondial du Rosé® are as follows:

  1. the competition is open to all rosé wines complying with the definition of wine as set in the International Code for oenological Practices of the International organisation of Vine and wine. All products must indicate the country where the grapes were harvested and made into wine.
  2. For wines produced in France, only wines with a protected designation of origin or a protected geographical indication, of which the declaration of claim, provided for in articles D.644-5 and D.646-6 of the French Rural and Maritime Fishing Code, has been made, may enter the competition. If they do not have a geographical indication and are submitted with a vintage year or varietal indication, only those whose vintage year or varietal has been certified, in accordance with the provisions of article R.665-24 of the French Rural and Maritime Fishing Code, may enter the competition.
  3. Competing wines should come from a uniform batch intended for consumption and be available in a quantity of at least 1,000 litres each. Any smaller volume, but still superior to 100 litres, may be accepted if the yield is particularly low. The wines must be bottled.
  4. Reference to the origin or source must appear on the said bottles. Commercial labels must be compliant with:
    • regulations in force in France for French wines.
    • community regulations for European Union Member States.
    • regulations in force in the country where the wine was made and importation provisions for third countries.


Each sample is submitted under the following terms:

  • 6 bottles from 0.50 litres to 1 litre for each sample. Bottles should be labelled with their commercial labels.
  • Each sample should be delivered to the place indicated before the date stipulated on the entry form.
  • Samples shall be forwarded at the expense and risk of the competitors. the EURL Œnologues de France will receive all samples and entry fees and eliminate those which do not comply with the rules. Non-compliant samples shall not be returned and shall remain the property of the EURL Œnologues de France.

Samples sent postage due shall be rejected.


The oenological analysis report, dated within the last year, which is required, must include, in addition to the information enabling the sample to be identified, the following indications:

  • actual alcoholic strength at 20°C in % vol,
  • potential alcoholic strength at 20°C in % vol,
  • sugars (glucose+fructose) in g/L,
  • total acidity in mEq/L,
  • volatile acidity in mEq/L,
  • total sulphur dioxide in mg/L,
  • excess pressure in bar for sparkling and semisparkling wines.

The entry fees owed per submitted sample are indicated on the entry form. Bank charges are not covered by the EURL Œnologues de France.
Under no circumstances are the entry fees refundable, regardless of the reasons for entry cancellation.

Payment methods (documentary evidence is to be sent with the entry form and the payment form):

  • by check drawn out to EURL Œnologues de France.
  • by bank transfer (send a copy of the transfer with the entry form).- by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard).

All forms sent without payment of the entry fees, the oenological analysis report and the declaration of claim (for wines produced in France) shall be rejected. The EURL Œnologues de France reserves the right to limit the number of samples according to the order of arrival of the entry forms.


An entry form for each sample must be completed and sent to the EURL Œnologues de France, together with payment of the entry fees and the oenological analysis report. For French wines, the declaration of claim (for protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications) or the certification application (for wines which do not have a geographical indication but are submitted with a vintage year or varietal indication) must be joined to the entry form.
Wines will be grouped and tasted according to their category (origin, type, colour), the samples having been previously placed in identical packing thus hiding their shape and guaranteeing anonymity. the assessment of the wines will be descriptive and include comments on:

  • visual characteristics,
  • olfactory characteristics,
  • palate impression,
  • overall impression,
  • typicity of the product.

The EURL Œnologues de France shall designate the panels of judges from a pre-established list of tasters.
The panels of judges will be primarily composed of French and international oenologists. Chairmanship accrues to a French oenologist, member of the Union des Œnologues de France (French Union of oenologists). non-oenologist judges shall be selected among specialists recognised for their skills in the field of tasting, from very different backgrounds such as production, marketing, consumption, communication, etc. the total number of international judges shall be decided according to the number of samples submitted.
Each panel shall be composed of at least 5 judges of which two thirds shall be skilled tasters: 3 international judges and 2 French judges including at least one oenologist. the EURL Œnologues de France shall take appropriate measures so that a competitor, member of the jury, does not judge his own wines. The EURL Œnologues de France shall collect a declaration upon honour from the members of the jury stating their direct or indirect relations with the wines submitted to the competition. The EURL Œnologues de France shall designate, for each panel, the chairman who shall manage the running of the tasting, ensure the general operating of the panel of judges and summarise the tasting comments.
The EURL Œnologues de France shall take care of the smooth running of the Mondial du Rosé® and designate an independent commissioner general who shall not participate in the running of the competition. The latter is in charge of checking compliance with the rules, preparing the samples, organising and carrying out the tasting and its judgement, by using the appropriate sheet, monitoring, exploiting, and publishing the results.


The adopted scale of awards is a system of appreciation enabling to rank the competing wines according to their intrinsic qualities. The EURL Œnologues de France defines the following awards:

  • Mondial du Rosé® d’or
  • Mondial du Rosé® d’Argent.

These awards, limited to 30% per category and for all participating wines according to the rules of the International organisation of Vine and wine, shall be attributed according to the appreciation of the panels of judges to the wines attaining a high degree of expression deserving to be distinguished. No awards shall be attributed if, for a given wine category, less than three different competitors are competing.
The wines having received the best scores may be rewarded by specific prizes (trophies).
Results will be published when the award winners are announced.
Each participant will be informed at a later stage by mail.

The EURL Œnologues de France provides the award winners with a diploma and a document stating the name of the competition, the nature of the bestowed award, the identity of the wine, the category in which it competed, the volume declared and the name and address of the owner.
Labels indicating the awarded prize may be affixed to the bottles and are available from the EURL Œnologues de France for award-winning wines according to the volume of wine declared on the entry form.
Any other reference to the received award is forbidden. The EURL Œnologues de France reserves the exclusive right to monitor the commercial use of the awards.
Unauthorised use and reproduction of the logo and of the awards are strictly forbidden.
the results of the competition shall be as widely broadcasted as possible by means of a guide and any other media (television, radio, specialised magazines, food magazines, etc.).


The EURL Œnologues de France has exclusive competence to settle any potential disputes.
The EURL Œnologues de France reserves the right to cancel any incomplete or incorrect entries and eliminate all samples non-compliant with the rules.
The EURL Œnologues de France shall inform the Regional directorate for companies, competition, consumption, work and employment of the Ile de France (DIRECCtE Ile de France) of the place and date at least two months before the tasting and provide it with the rules.
The commissioner general shall send to the DIRECCtE Ile de France, within a two month delay after the competition, a signed report, certifying that the competition was conducted in accordance with the provisions of the rules and specifying the following information:

  • the number of wines submitted to the competition, overall and by category;
  • the number of award-winning wines, overall and by category;
  • the list of the award-winning wines and for each awardwinning wine information enabling the wine and its owner to be identified;
  • the percentage of award-winning wines in relation to the number of wines submitted;
  • the number of awards attributed and their distribution per type of award.

Organisers reserve the right to have an accredited oenological analytical laboratory carry out an analytical control of award-winning samples and to deal with the results as they deem necessary. The owner and the organiser of the competition shall store, for a year as of the competition, a sample of each award-winning wine, and, for five years, the entry form and its oenological analysis report. These samples and their respective entry forms and oenological analysis reports shall remain at the disposal of inspection services. The EURL Œnologues de France reserves the exclusive right to monitor the commercial use of the awards.


If an event beyond the control of the EURL Œnologues de France prevents the smooth running of the competition, the EURL Œnologues de France cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible. The EURL Œnologues de France reserves the right to cancel the competition, to alter the initial date, to shorten or to lengthen its duration or to modify the terms or the running order in the case of force majeure circumstances (epidemic, fire, acts of God, strike, acts of terrorism, etc.), of any event beyond their control or if deemed necessary.
The EURL Œnologues de France’s liability cannot be requested by participants. In addition, the EURL Œnologues de France cannot be held liable for any theft, loss, delay or damage during the transport of the samples.


Participation in the competition implies compliance with and acceptance of these rules. Entry fees shall not be refunded if the samples, the documents relating to entry and payment of the entry fees arrive after the entry deadline or at the wrong address.


Official language: French.
Documents available in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.
These rules may be modified each year, at the latest two months before the competition takes place and before competitors begin entering the competition.